a blanket warmly

covers me entirely

never let me go

the metaverse

the idea

to one day appear

in a digital sphere

as eager pioneers

searching for new frontiers

while we ponder the meaning of our existence

and what it means to be alive

if not to feel passion, to feel drive

if not to interact and to derive

even the smallest desire

a fire

for true human connection


i jump into the deep end

in the air suspending

never contending

to the tides that guide me

ever lightly


until i shall find my safe ground


a hopeless sorrow

for a brighter tomorrow

on lost times borrowed

life in technicolour

bright colours dripping

into the pond rippling

a wave of emotions

of sentiments drifting

carefully lifting

the veil of clouds up above

the imagineer

my eyes widely shut

i slowly see forming

the world through my eyes

untainted and nonconforming

as it should be


yesterday we wept

today we reflect

tomorrow, we fly


flourish, prosper, grow!

expand, progress, oh blossom!

— and don’t let it stop


fear, worry, regret

fade into calmness and let

me slide into bliss

redefining normal

lines set and defined

are nonconcurrent to time

so let’s start blurring

a new horizon

bearing weight from times passed

I arrive confidently on this present line

smiling hopefully, I go forward


and though my mind races

through these disastrous times and disformed spaces

to hope my heart paces


a time on loan, disintegrated

our once familiar spaces, deserted and distorted

the reality we inhabit, disrupted