Like a tapestry unraveled, the threads of the past come undone,

Fragments of a self once known, scattered by the sun.

In the search for truth, a journey must begin,

To shed the layers that no longer fit, to find what lies within.

In the broken mirror, shattered reflections stare back,

A glimpse of a self lost in the track.

Fragmented memories, a puzzle to piece,

Unraveling the story, seeking a sense of peace.

Lost amidst the waves, adrift in the sea,

A soul searching for roots, longing to be free.

In the ebb and flow of cultures intertwined,

Identity emerges, a treasure to find.

In the depths of silence, whispers of the past,

A journey of rediscovery, where memories amass.

Through ancestral whispers, stories come alive,

The richness of heritage, a tapestry to thrive.

In shadows cast, a dance of duality,

The blending of cultures, a harmonious reality.

From East to West, a fusion unfolds,

A mosaic of identities, tales yet untold.

In the face of adversity, barriers start to crack,

Strength and resilience, there’s no turning back.

Embracing the unknown, fear dissipates,

Unbecoming the self that limitation creates.

The beat of drums, a symphony of the East,

As traditions intermingle, a harmony is released.

From lion dances to moonlit nights,

Embracing heritage, the soul takes flight.

In words unspoken, a language finds its way,

A bridge between cultures, a connection that stays.

Expressions of love, shared through eyes,

In silence, understanding defies.

Through vibrant fabrics and intricate designs,

The tapestry of culture gracefully entwines.

Threads of tradition woven with care,

A celebration of heritage, beyond compare.

In the sizzle of spices and aroma so sweet,

A fusion of flavors, a culinary feat.

From dim sum to apple pie,

Embracing both worlds, taste buds reach the sky.

In strokes of paint and ink on canvas laid,

A blend of cultures, an artist’s serenade.

Expressions of identity, colors collide,

Unveiling the beauty within, cannot be denied.

Through the tapestry of unbecoming and becoming,

A phoenix rises, its wings fully embracing.

An identity reclaimed, a story to share,

In the crossroads of cultures, finding solace and care.


in collaboration with makeup artists Xiu Yun Yu and Elise Langenhuisen and models Amy Lim and Bi Xuan Guo

created with the help of the Stimuleringsfonds as part of the Talent Project 2022-2023