A tiny bud, fragile and new,

Nestled within a world of blue.

A mother’s love, a flame ignites,

Guiding her through the darkest nights.

In motherhood’s embrace, she’s found,

A love that’s boundless, so profound.

From ashes to a radiant glow,

Her true self, starting to show.

With each dawn, a spirit wakes,

Unveiling strength that time forsakes.

In motherhood’s embrace, she finds,

A power hidden deep inside.

Breaking free from the chains that bound,

She dances to her own melodic sound.

No longer defined by external gaze,

She embraces her own vibrant ways.

As days unfold, petals unfurl,

Her essence shines, a vibrant swirl.

With each smile and tender touch,

Her soul blooms, she grows so much.

In moments stolen, quiet and still,

She contemplates her own self-will.

Rediscovering the woman within,

Her dreams and passions start to spin.

She cradles dreams within her arms,

Protects, supports, and shields from harms.

With love’s embrace, she nurtures life,

Teaching her child to face each strife.

In her journey, she finds her kin,

Other mothers who’ve also been

Through trials, triumphs, joys, and fears,

United by the love that perseveres.

Through sleepless nights and endless cries,

She stands unwavering, defies

The doubts that whisper in her ear,

For she knows her strength is clear.

With newfound purpose burning bright,

She takes the stage, ready to ignite.

Unleashing a voice, bold and strong,

She empowers others to belong.

Like a phoenix in the flame,

She sheds the old, reclaims her name.

Embracing change, she soars above,

An embodiment of strength and love.

:With laughter echoing through the air,

She celebrates the love she bears.

Her child’s laughter, pure and true,

A testament to all she’s been through.


in collaboration with makeup artist Elise Langenhuisen and model Esmee Griesheimer

created with the help of the Stimuleringsfonds as part of the Talent Project from 2022-2023