Food Photography

I offer food photography services, tailored to your needs. My photography style is modern and elegant, but I also take into consideration the style and mood of the restaurant to best represent your brand. Photography sessions take two to four hours, depending on the type of photography services. Sessions may include a photography setup within the restaurant. After each session, I will select the best photos for you and deliver the photos to you digitally in high resolution (on average - within one or two weeks). All sets include a license for the use of images under the agreed terms. Photos may be used outside of these terms when credited or under an additional license. Prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Photography Sets

Complete€ 500,-

The complete set includes a set of 25 photos that highlight the dishes in your restaurant, the interior, details of the restaurant, a cover photo and a photo of the executive chef.

Menu€ 400,-

The menu set is for every restaurant looking for photography to highlight the restaurant's menu. The menu set includes a set of 20 photos that put focus on your (seasonal) dishes and/or drinks.

Minimal: € 300,- 

The minimal set is for every restaurant looking for elegant photography for delivery apps or their own ordering pages. Dishes are photographed against a white background. Price applies to every set of 20 dishes.

Fixed: upon request

The fixed set is for every restaurant looking for a photographer to represent their brand in visuals on a permanent basis.


Photography Additional

On-call€ 200,- per set of 5 photos / € 50,- per photo

With the rise of social media, there's a growing need for a constant professional representation of brands. With a subscription, you hire me to take care of your photography on-demand. I come in to photograph promotional dishes, ads, events, happenings, anything that deserves to be captured and published.

Creative photography: upon request

For conceptual photography and/or branding campaigns. We start with a brainstorm session about your ideas and plan a photography shoot for the execution.

Creative videography: upon request

Videos are eye-catchers that are even more memorable than photos. For conceptual videography and/or branding campaigns. We start with a brainstorm session about your ideas and plan a video shoot for the execution. The length of the video can vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Creative cinemagraphy: upon request

Cinemagraphs are somewhere between a photo and a video but not quite. For cinemagraphs, we start with a brainstorm session about what works best for your campaign.

Photography Licensing

Licensing€ 250,- (or € 50 per photo)

All sets include the use of images on the restaurant's online sites and social media accounts with the exception of the minimal set (which is only to be used on delivery apps and ordering pages). For the use of images on other media (i.e. magazines, other printed media, social media, other commercial purposes), an additional license applies. Images may however be used freely on other media when credited.